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Forestry comes in all shapes and sizes, but the skills needed have to be consistent across all operations.

And the people demonstrating these skills need to ensure they do so consistently, regardless of the crew, forest or geographic region they work in.


Make sense? It does to us, and that’s why we assess the way we do. Yes, there are different environmental issues people have to deal with (both natural and man-made), but the underlying skill sets and support required to be successful, and the application of these, do not change.


Interestingly, I was talking with a contractor who had started a new harvesting job with a different management company. He was going through his pre-start Health and Safety systems audit with this manager, who commented that he was impressed with the contractors’ ability to put information in front of him as soon as he had requested it.


The contractor said this was a result of progress he had made from being involved with Top Spot assessments, part of which focused on having good systems in place with information readily available to support work practices.


It is working for him – take a look at how it can work for you.


Sponsors – They don’t have to do this but they choose to!


Awesome companies, awesome people and awesome support!


They back you and your workmates to succeed as professionals, so why wouldn’t you support them.

They believe in what we do and what you do.


So, a big ongoing thank you to our Strategic Partners – STIHL and NZ Logger and sponsor SWAZI.

The best way to keep our industry working is to get out and support those businesses that support New Zealand...


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