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Behind every good crew is…

Top Spot is all about acknowledging and celebrating individual and team excellence, along with helping people to improve their performance and professionalism.


Everyone knows we need highly motivated and skilled people to undertake the daily tasks that produce logs to the specification and grade required by customers.


Easy to say, but these people just don’t magically arrive in crews ready to do the business.

That’s where the importance of those people who sit behind their staff really comes to the forefront.

Owners of Hauraki and Moehau Logging, Donna Clarke and Lance (Blu) Balle, typify what many contractors around New Zealand do every day.


Employer, motivator, trainer, psychologist, accountant, social worker, banker, you name it, contractors are all of these in some form.


How employees respond to their leadership really reflects how a crew operates from day-to-day.

Quite often the pivot point between the contractor and the crew is the foreman, employed to ensure targets are met on a daily basis.


Hence, in this photo we have Donna, Blu and one of their foreman, Brayden.

As part of what they do, contractors put a lot of faith in the people they employ to run their crews.

Quite often this combination of skills is known but goes relatively unacknowledged.

What does this mean to Top Spot?


Without employers like Donna and Blu, who drive their crews to succeed, we wouldn’t have the Top Spot programme that we do.


They see the investment made in Top Spot as part of the tool kit they use to keep their employees inspired and proud of the work they do not only as an individual but also together as a crew.


It is a part of the fit they see alongside investment in technology (tethered falling machine, motorised carriages, etc) which is just as important as the investment in their employees.


This is something that we do not take for granted. We encourage others to consider this investment in their people. Their faces may not get into the Top Spot pages very often, but they are the key to the successes we celebrate in this competition...


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