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This issue we bring you the first round of results for thinning-to-waste.


We are pretty pleased with the response the thin-to-waste participants have made to the challenges put in front of them.


We are ecstatic about the results at the top end of this competition. The top six are so close, we could not separate them.


Something else that was cool to see was one of our forest owners, Port Blakely, using the skill and experience of a consistently top performer in this competition (Aaron Motutere) to train and upskill its North Island Regional Forester – Alfred Duval, a graduate from the School of Forestry at the University of Canterbury. From the way he is smiling (centre photo), things must have gone okay. Refreshing to see the commitment to having a young staff member know, do and understand what these guys do day in and day out.


Better understanding of the function = better decisions = better value for the company. It’s a no-brainer really.


So, congratulations to all those who featured in the results. The thin-to-waste competition is lining up to be the closest it ever has.



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