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A timber mill without timber? Not quite, says KLC’s Project Engineer, David Lewis. Just not in the form of logs.


KLC, one of New Zealand’s largest timber treatment and re-manufacturing operations starts its process with kiln drying, skipping the saw milling altogether. The Radiata pine arrives as green sawn lumbar, still wet, in its rough sawn state.


“It comes from various sources depending on what we need,” says David, son of Managing Director and company founder, Kevin Lewis. “We dry it and develop it into a finished product. So we don’t do any saw milling.

No logs come onto our site.”


He explains that with huge capital expenditure put into local sawmilling to cut logs by the likes of Sequal, Panpac, Tenon, CHH, Pacific Pine and Tregoweth, the company strategy at this stage is to buy sawn lumber from those companies and focus on the remanufacturing side....


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