Top Spot

And then it's the  end of the year


What a year! What a competition!


As this is the last issue of NZ Logger for 2020, we will take the opportunity to thank all those involved (directly or indirectly) with Top Spot.


Discussion through the year has indicated this will be the closest yet in terms of results, and what we are seeing coming into the final weeks of assessment is that this is absolutely true!


Our assessors have been really impressed with the skill, attitude and yes, professionalism of participants and believe we have made real progress in 2020, despite all the other challenges that have presented themselves.


Great to see our new, young professionals taking on board the challenges we present and striving to be their best.


Also great to see our more experienced industry folk getting alongside them and helping these younger people to develop the skills and knowledge that will set them up for successful careers.



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