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Here comes Sany


Sometimes it does pay to be late into the game when developing contracting equipment because you can learn from everyone else’s successes and mistakes, then use the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to try and do better.


The Japanese did it. So did the Koreans. And the Chinese are now using the same recipe to make a wide array of products to fuel their economic development. As a result, China has become the workshop for the rest of the world


But we haven’t seen much equipment from China in our forests. Until now.


Sure, Chinese-built Yuchai loaders have been working in harvesting operations around New Zealand for a while, just not in big numbers. That is set to change with a new brand landing in the bush.


Shaw’s Wire Ropes has begun importing excavators from one of the world’s largest producers of diggers and is ramping up to be a serious player. Get used to seeing the name Sany around our skid sites.


If you’ve never previously heard of Sany that’s because it has mainly concentrated on markets much bigger than ours. Headquartered in Changsha in the Hunan Province, Sany is the sixth-largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world and in addition to its huge industrial base in China, it has manufacturing facilities in Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and the United States. It employs 90,000 worldwide.


Sany products cover a wide base, from excavators, wheel loaders and other construction equipment to cranes, pumps and a whole lot more.


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