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Hyundai with a Purpose


It’s great to be back at work, reckons Ben Hutching, even if the weather has turned wet and cold.

Certainly beats being locked-down at home for several weeks while the overheads mount up and the income shrivels to nothing.


You have to wonder why the rest of the primary sector was allowed to carry on working during Level 4, yet forestry was frozen. Would have been just as easy to isolate, plus it would have provided much-needed income for provincial communities without having to rely on government handouts, not to mention the boost to the wider economy.


That’s water under the bridge now. At least it gave China time to overcome its seriously bloated log stocks, enabling prices to rise to more sustainable levels as harvesting operations resumed here in Godzone.

Yup, there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough.


And we found another silver lining on the wild west King Country coast, at Marakopa, where Ben’s Kaitoa Logging crew is getting to grips with a massive woodlot operation that will provide ongoing work over the next five years. It’s one of the first new Hyundai purpose-built FX3230 log loaders to go to work in NZ.

It arrived a few days before the Covid-19 lockdown – around the time log prices took a massive dive, threatening the viability of many woodlots throughout NZ.

That wasn’t particularly good t


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