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The Bolt-On Winch Assist


Southland logger Andrew ‘Pratty’ Pratt likes the idea of tethering a machine on the hill to aid traction in steep harvesting operations.


But he’s not so keen on seeing a winch-assist digger sitting idle for big chunks of time when the system isn’t required.


So when he spied a website about a self-contained, bolt-on winch-assist unit that can easily be removed from the end of an excavator to allow the base machine to work without any hindrance between tethering operations, it immediately piqued his interest.


The Timbermax Traction Winch unit seemed to answer his requirements, and discussions with its inventor, Quebec-based engineer, Mathieu Lavoie, even led to the offer of distributorship for the New Zealand market.

“I loved the idea of the Timbermax and was keen to buy one, but the idea of being the dealer in New Zealand didn’t really appeal to me – not my thing,” says Andrew, who passed on the lead to AB Equipment.


Within a few weeks AB Equipment had organised for Andrew and another interested Southland contractor, Doug Anderson, to join them on a trip to Canada to see the Timbermax working in a snow-bound logging operation. AB Equipment returned with the distribution deal done and two orders, one for Andrew and the other for Doug.


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