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A better Work horse


There’s no substitute for quality and  reliability in the forest. Any contractor will attest to that.


So it wouldn’t have surprised anyone to learn that when Jude Brolly was looking to replace his long-serving Cat 330DL and Waratah processing combo, he went like-for-like. Well, almost.


He purchased the logical successor to the 330DL, a Next Gen Cat 336 base and mated it to the larger Waratah 626 Bigwood because the trees in the forest currently being harvested by Brolly Logging near Te Kuiti can be huge – P5 monsters are not out of the ordinary in here. This is Pine Tree Meads country, after all.


The fact that the 330DL and its 625 head clocked up in excess of 20,000 hours did weigh heavily on Jude’s mind when making the decision.


You don’t go away from something that has worked well for you unless there is a seriously compelling reason, he says: “We have a few Cats up into the high hours and they are still performing well. So why change? Same with the Waratah, this is our fourth and they’ve gone well for us and we get very good back-up from both companies.”


Hard to argue with that.


But there is always a tinge of nervousness when you are the first in the country to put a new model into operation. No one likes to be a guinea pig.


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