Hearing loss is a real hazard

Did you hear that, said my hunting buddy as he nudged

me in excitement?  There’s another one further up the gully. Where did you hear them I asked? He looked at me and said, are you deaf you old bugger?


To my embarrassment he was right. This one event was a wakeup call to do something that I had been in denial about it for far too long even though I had owned hearing aids for a number of years.

Having been a Sika deer hunter for 50-plus years and not to have heard the stags roaring was to say the least a real shock. My wife, children and now grandchildren have been telling me for ages that I needed to use the hearing aids – $5,000 later for new hearing aids, my life is now very different.


This article is about hearing and the ability to hear or if the cap fits, the inability to hear. If you wake up in the morning and can’t hear the birds singing, you can’t hear your kids or grandchildren properly or have to keep asking your wife or partner to repeat themselves, it’s too late. Stop blaming it on the male only syndrome of selective hearing.


If you are, or have been, exposed to a noisy workplace with chainsaws, power tools, machinery, vehicles, compressed air systems and such like, there is a very high possibility that you could be or are suffering from hearing loss. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it happens. The real test is how much do you value your family and friends around you who also suffer from your loss and what you are prepared to do about it?


A simple test

Sit with your family or friends in a row in front of the TV. Get the kids to turn the volume down to their comfortable hearing level, then get your partner to adjust the volume to their preference, then you adjust it to your preference. You may well be surprised at the different sound levels required for each member of the family. So what’s the solution? Denial that you have a problem, a clean out of your ears or hearing aids?


Before you rush off to get your hearing tested, I suggest that you get your ears checked for wax and cleaned out. You’re Doctor or his nurse can do this for you by water flushing. Preferably, I suggest you consult someone that specialises in removing ear wax by suction.


The problem with warm water flushing is two-fold:

1. You may damage your ear drums with over-powered flushing

2. If you do not dry out your ears thoroughly this can lead to potential fungus growth, leading to ear infection and itchy ears...



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