Shaw's Iron Test

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 Forest Talk

The screws are likely to be turned even tighter on safety in the future as the government proposes further strengthening of existing rules, with forestry among the targets.


Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, Iain Lees-Galloway, has released a draft strategy for improving the health and safety of New Zealand workers over the next 10 years and is now called for submissions...


 Shaw's Iron Test

These days roadlining operations can rival the output of the production harvesting crews they are prepping for, so long as they take the right approach.


For Gisborne-based Ricky and Leanne Kuru, the decision to take their roadlining business to the next level meant a slight change...


NZ Timber

Plenty of people have told Hikurangi Forest Farms (HFF) that the ambitious plan to stop in-forest log making in favour of transporting stems to a stand-alone optimising plant near Gisborne would never work.


By the end of July, HFF aims to prove all the doubters wrong as it puts the final touches...


 Top Spot

So, congratulations to those who have featured in these results, but remember, there are bunch of people just behind that will keep pushing for top honours.


And again, we need to emphasise, there are a number of people working in the background providing plenty of support, which allows individuals to perform to the levels we’re seeing.


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